Roommate To My Childhood Bully(ON HOLD)

Roommate To My Childhood Bully(ON HOLD)

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AND PEGGY -3- By XxSA_ChillidogsxX Updated Aug 31

(Sonamy AU)

Meet Amy Rose,a 19 year old pink hedgehog. She may be tough or act tomboyish (even though she hates girly things),but she is a nice person. Her dream is to become a dancer. And this is where she join one of the top 10 colleges, Chaotic University.
Meet Sonic the hedgehog,another 19 year old blue hedgehog. He is the pop sensation. With his great singing abilities and sweet dance moves,everyone wish to be on his side. Then,how did he get to this university? Well...he was forced to go to school by his manager/ best friend Tails.
These two have a past together. Sonic was the bully while Amy is the target. None of them expected to see eachother until they were living in the same room. They have learned that they will be roommates until they graduated from this college. 
How will both of them survive themselves? What if one of them already fall in love with the other during their past?
Follow Sonic and Amy with their friends as they face situations!
Rated PG-13

(Full of oc's. None of theses OC's belong to me. They belong to their rightful owners)

  • comedy
  • drama
  • romance
  • sonamy
  • sonic
Idk why but I laughed at this line. Just a tip: leave spaces after using punctuation marks!
I'm sorry but it's the truth you are cute you can't ignore it.
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And here we see readers, is a pregnate woman, impressive right?
Yeah. So true. When I applied to the university I was going to, it took forever until March (I had applied since October at that time). DX at least I'm attending there now and enjoying it. Can't wait for 2nd year of college! 😊
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Boom Baby
                              E-vay, can you make a comic for Shadow and Aurora's babieeeeeeeeees😆😆😆😆
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Excuse me while I stay awake whole night to read all the chapters 😎