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Feet Aren't Made for Walking [BEING PUBLISHED!] #OnceUponNow

Feet Aren't Made for Walking [BEING PUBLISHED!] #OnceUponNow

7.9K Reads 1.5K Votes 5 Part Story
Danielle Banas By tasting_stars Completed

One of the winners of the Once Upon Now contest! Feet Aren't Made for Walking will be renamed Truth Be Told and will be published by Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon and Schuster, on October 11, 2016 in the Once Upon Now Anthology!

Leo Clark is having a really bad day. He's been transported into a topsy-turvy alternate universe (not a good thing when your mom's expecting you home for dinner), he's recently acquired wooden extremities and is physically incapable of telling a lie (an even worse thing when you pride yourself on not sharing your emotions), and his little sister has been kidnapped, mistaken for the lost princess of the Land of Pittsborough (the worst thing of all because...please refer back to the part about Mom making dinner). 

In order to save his sister and find a way home, Leo will have to confront an evil queen who lives in an office cubicle, a few mice with horrible fashion sense, and a girl with green skin and webbed toes (but hey, at least she's kind of cute). And he'll have to do it all before the clock strikes midnight or risk being trapped in Pittsborough forever. Now if only he could figure out how to walk on his wooden feet...

This short story is a modern day fairytale mashup, partially inspired by Pinocchio, The Frog Prince, and many others. Enjoy!

izziii_ izziii_ Oct 15, 2016
Transparent background for once LOL
                              Too bad u wouldn't be able to see this if you're reading on the black screen
-slowclimbing -slowclimbing Aug 18, 2016
this story is fascinating ! you're very descriptive & just amazing ❤
GubbleGum GubbleGum Jun 16, 2016
Could this be more accurate? My god, it's like you've taken the words straight from my lips lol
Aultista Aultista Oct 07, 2016
I can't stop laughing. This is so good. It reminds of something I'm writing!
MyGuiltyPleasuresXx MyGuiltyPleasuresXx Jun 19, 2016
True love's first kiss? Don't know if that's an oxymoron or just me being cynical... Anyway, best of luck in the competition!
-slowclimbing -slowclimbing Aug 18, 2016
i love this idea; rlly love piccacho (: amazing story so far 💘.