In the Doghouse

In the Doghouse

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plottwists By plottwists Updated Jan 13, 2017

Callie Montgomery is not in the market for a mate.

   At just nineteen, the thought of finding the one person that you're supposed to settle down with forever -- as in the rest of your life till you're old and senile, living in diapers, with absolutely no return receipt --  does not, however hard to believe, appeal to Callie. She wants to experience life. Maybe fall in love. With a vampire. Because that would piss off her high-strung father. Or maybe challenge her older brother for the Alpha title. Because it's not like his life amounted to that exact moment. Or anything.

   But, whatever she wanted to do, a mate did not fit into any equation. Whatsoever. 

   So, when she actually did find her mate, fate sucker-punched her square in the face. For he was nothing more than a one-night stand. Or so she thought. As four pregnancy tests later, Callie found herself pregnant. With her mate. You better believe that was not in her plan. 

   You could say she was in the doghouse. Big time.

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Lol omg I love the title and intro had me already laughing my ass off