Names [Destiel High School AU]

Names [Destiel High School AU]

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Everyone knows the name of their soulmate. They're born with it in their mind.

Dean's never met anyone named Castiel, and he doubts he ever will. Until a new kid transfers to his school, who just so happens to have a soulmate named Dean.

Note: The concept of people knowing their soulmate's names is not my original idea. I got it from a tumblr post and thought it would be fun to write about

Phantrash071001 Phantrash071001 Nov 01, 2016
                              Now im gonna think im reading some sort of Phan/Destiel thing
CasnotCass CasnotCass Jan 08
Dean, that was such a clever plan, I bet not even Sherlock could figure it out *sarcasm*
phanidestiel phanidestiel 6 days ago
This one line has the most comments in the book and I have to say, it's pretty entertaining
Jianna3960 Jianna3960 3 days ago
I almost broke my phone. DEAN YOU MADE ME ALMOST BREAK MY PHONE! Tell the truth Deanie
fanficsarefunfics fanficsarefunfics 7 days ago
I was looking over the parts of this book and I saw 'Dan' and I'm like who tf is Dan? Is he gonna interrupt the ship and now I know who he is and apparently I was right, he is gonna interrupt the ship. Goddamit Dean! Oh sorry, DAN!