Shadow Singer: Shinobi react

Shadow Singer: Shinobi react

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strawhat_pirate By strawhat_pirate Updated Sep 24

Kami doesn't like it. He doesn't like the way his world turned out. It wasn't fun enough! There wasn't enough joy. So, he sends a select five people back. In order to prove they're from the future, a jutsu is used to project Ebony's memories. Watch as the shinobi react to what they see.


If you HAVEN'T read the original story called, 'Shadow Singer' This story will not make much sense. Go read that first before reading this.

(This story does NOT affect the original series. I'm writing this for fun, there will be the same characters but whatever happens here doesn't effect the other stories.)

This is perfect! I feel so bad for the ANBU, one is confused the other is probably dead! Haha
This is going to be at lease my fourth time reading this story
Thank you for dedicating it to me! You two are awesome and fabulous if you know what I mean.
                              .... Young Kashi is now.. little bro? -Grinning then squeals.- YOUNG KASHI IS SOOOOO KAWAII AND... YOU JUST WANNA SNUGGLE HIM TO DEATH AND AND... Halp.
XD HALP I DIE FROM LAUGH MY ENGLIS SO GUUD (I can actually speak English. I did it for the humor)
I love the story already! I'm so excited for the next chappy :) @strawhat_pirate