Blood Bride

Blood Bride

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Author Jasmine Garcia By PacifyingWords Completed

His breath was hot against her neck and it made her writhe in discomfort, but that discomfort was replaced by the sharpness of his fangs burying themselves into her vein. 
The shock of agonizing fire streaming into her being made her tear filled eyes widen. 
You may now bite the bride.
After being unable to afford to care for her ill mother, sixteen year old Ophelia is forced to take matters into her own hands and become the bride of a vampire. 
A Blood Bride. 
She isn't given much information aside from the fact that she will receive a large sum of money if she marries the vampire of Cross Manor. 
Upon arriving at the manor, she expects to be nothing more than the vampire's meal and play toy, only to find that her presence is needed for far more than a simple blood bag. 
A vampiric war is on the horizon and Jon Cross is in need of a warrior to fight alongside him. This warrior however won't be a trained knight, rather, it will be his newly made bride, Ophelia Cross. 

[Blood Series]

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When you have to pay for someone to marry you, you've hit a new low. Just die alone with dignity.
LeahCraig6 LeahCraig6 Mar 23
Im in math trying so hard to not burst out laughing at how cringy this is
Zrarmo Zrarmo Mar 30
Lmao first impression
                               "...and that's how I met your mother"
_Hanna_H_ _Hanna_H_ Apr 10
That moment when you feel so embarrassed for the character you're scared to continue reading
darkocean darkocean Aug 23, 2017
Typo: couldn't (just thought I'd point it out as this is the all important first paragraph. I'll be quiet after this.)
sanorita_22 sanorita_22 Feb 05
Did you use sarcasm??? If yes!!! Then I love you already😂😂😂😂