Angel In The Ambrose Asylum ❤ | Kendall Jenner // Dean Ambrose [COMPLETE]

Angel In The Ambrose Asylum ❤ | Kendall Jenner // Dean Ambrose [COMPLETE]

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"I know you Dean, you might think you have changed but she is too young for you. Getting your act together doesn't mean fucking the first pretty young thing after a year it means finding a woman to settle down with"

"Just shut up okay and let me get ready"

"Fine I dare you to prove me wrong and not let this be some game you are playing cause that's how its always been, all of them were games..."

Dean Ambrose has always been known as the womanizer to his friends but sees himself as a changed man now. However when a young Angel catches his eyes will he go back to his games and let her be another notch in his belt or will this Angel be something else ?

Kendall is the second youngest of the Jenner Kardashian clan and seemingly the most innocent member of the bunch, however when the blue-eyed lunatic attracts her, will she reveal to be just that or is there much more to her to be discovered if she chooses to enter The Asylum ? 

Began: July 2016

Finished: Feb 2017

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dianaunstableambrose dianaunstableambrose May 16, 2016
This seems like a really good idea, I can't wait to read more of this 😊
itonya itonya Jan 20, 2017
                              I'VE JUST BEEN BLESSED
kenreid kenreid May 16, 2016
Keep it Cominggg  more dean and joe how can I say no to this lol, and dean puts Kris in her place yessssss
itonya itonya Jan 20, 2017
I love Harry as well, but nah Dean better get Kenny quick into the asylum lol
iPRADAS iPRADAS Dec 08, 2016
FINALLY!!! A book of Dean and Kendall!!
                              I've been waiting for a million years
kenreid kenreid Jul 06, 2016
Yessssssss  I'm all for it keep them chapters coming.
                              You gotta love dean and I think this will be another  big hit because  well  1. You're writting and 2. It's different who would have thought dean ambrose would welcome Kendall Jenner into his asylum