Niall's Secret Sister (Louis fanfic)

Niall's Secret Sister (Louis fanfic)

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Hollywoodbeat56 By Hollywoodbeat56 Updated Oct 28, 2013

Cory, A normal 18 year old girl from Seattle,Washington. She doesnt have the best life, but she fights threw it. But maybe this one video call will change her whole life. And maybe, Just maybe, it will make it better. 


Sucks? Yes! And im sorry im not good with these ):

Please trust me and read it, i promise its really good!

Hehe she is just like niall TONS of food but gains NO weight
My brothers friend (who's pretty much my other brother) name is Devin
suggy18 suggy18 Dec 03
                              (Its the most wonderful time of the year) 
                              PLEASE GET THIS YOU'LL BE MY BESTIEEEEE
Abby_Smiles Abby_Smiles Mar 07
I literally dropped my phone because of the Simon Cowell part. Hahah:)
zannagt zannagt Dec 07, 2015
your 18 your legal she can no longer tell you what the hell to do
ImAFrickUp ImAFrickUp Nov 17, 2015
I hate being pale! You burn easy and can't tan! Plus people tease you for being pale! But my mom's family if from Ireland and my dad's I'd from Scotland