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Marauders Preferences

Marauders Preferences

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Haley By Haley667 Completed

(Y/N) = Your name (Y/F/N) = Your friends name
James- You met James on the train on your first year, You walked into the only empty carriage and sat on one the plush seats when a boy with dark hair and glasses knocked on the door "Hey, can I sit in here?" the boy asked with a slight smirk, you responded with a simple nod "I'm James, and you are?" he said as he held out his hand for you to shake "(Y/N), nice to meet you" you shook his hand and notice a pink blush creeping across his cheeks

Peter- You were sitting around a table with your best friends in the three broomsticks when you felt a pair of eyes on you. You looked around and saw a small boy with dusty blonde hair sitting alone at a table across the restaurant "Hey (Y/N), who are you looking at?" Your friend (Y/F/N) asked you "That guy over there" you responded as you waved at the boy, "You should go talk to him" (Y/F/N) said. You nodded and walked over to his table, "H-hi there" the boy stuttered out "Hi I'm (Y/N), what's your n...

That's because I didn't throw it to you! *runs away laughing*
Kirasms Kirasms May 29
im a slytherin and in my group of 4 best friends im