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April Stone By aprilstone90 Updated Aug 12, 2018


  Leaving was killing my soul as sure as a dagger can stop a beating heart. 

  There is such sadness in leaving a place of strong love, a place where fond memories grew as fast as the clover in the grass.

   Even after 7 years, I knew l would savour each memory so strongly that it will almost live once more. I knew that the strands of love would keep us together even when we were far apart. I only had to reach out with my mind and there he was, waiting to shower me with the love he always did. But after such a long time, it was my time to depart, to do what I was born to do, to make the changes and the sacrifices that were necessary. Necessary for me to survive without him. Necessary for me to forget him.

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mintease mintease May 27, 2017
Ffs build a bridge and get over it, it's been 7 years. If she forgot how he sounded for four months, she'll forget him for 7 years.
                              I would know.
bubbly_angel831 bubbly_angel831 Jul 14, 2017
Okay so I'm not the only one that's mad that's she with this Damion dude instead of Tyler right? Where's Tyler, she's supposed to be with him God Alex your sinking my ship here! I absolutely love these books though omg!
uaarukatjo uaarukatjo Nov 04, 2017
I love you April stone,you are an inspiration to me to write my first book thank you😄😄😄😄if you want to read it and follow me its called with love comes sacrifices
SleepInTheCr SleepInTheCr Apr 07, 2017
😭😭😭😭😭😭 tell me ty and ali will still end up together
- - Dec 30, 2016
alexa this guy better be tyler or I'm gonna be very disappointed in you
TrishaPoole TrishaPoole Jan 03
I think what would be really cool is if someone made a movie to this!!