Wonderbolt Training [ON HOLD]

Wonderbolt Training [ON HOLD]

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Rainbow Dash is trying to be the best Wonderbolt she can be. She ask Spitfire if she can try and become one of the best Wonderbolts. Spitfire says that she will ask one of the pony's that have been a Wonderbolt for a long time to help Rainbow. Rainbow Dash really wishes that she can be even better than she is now at being a Wonderbolt, but Spitfire comes back with Soarin to help train her. Rainbow Dash planed out everything, but thing's start to get just a little to friendly.

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Characters: Hasbro (Company)
WARNING: fangirling/
Started: May 15, 2016

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                              RD: uhh...gotta go! *flys away*
                              Me: haha, oh this could get worse...
*snickers* he would LOVE to help, more like he LOVES her and that's why he agreed XD *snickers*
RainbowManedPegasus RainbowManedPegasus May 27, 2016
BEST PART EVER. there's the distracting, that hugging, blushing and teasing!!! OH MY GOD. i love this. Please update!!!
RainbowManedPegasus RainbowManedPegasus May 25, 2016
It's really ironic how the episode made Dash always left out when celestia knows that she's the fastest and i mean fastest on the wonderbolts