Konoha High: That Girl [naruto!various x reader]

Konoha High: That Girl [naruto!various x reader]

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I see you By love_me_some_animu Updated Nov 19

[Naruto!Various! X Reader/OC]

A new girl enters the unknown. Otherwise know as high school.

Yuu has just moved and is currently living with her cousin, Choji. Weren't expecting that were you?! Anyways when she enters the gates she isn't what everyone expected. Yuu, a name that is supposed to describe gental ness and kindness, is actually a tomboy that uses violence to solve certain problems. Especially  when it means defending those she cares for. She is smart, nice, crazy and tough which happens to attract most of the male population.

Find out more as you read on!

Ok so there will be cussing because I just cuss in real life a lot. A LOT. so expect it.

Read it, don't read it, I don't really give a fu-fudge. I was gonna say fudge. If you do read it, cool, you're awesome. If you don't read it, ok then, won't hurt my feelings even if you go on here and criticize me.

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