Urban Legends {Harry Styles}

Urban Legends {Harry Styles}

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escapingtragedy By escapingtragedy Updated Jul 20

"Are you okay?," I continued. "Do you need any help?" 

"I'm not the one that's in danger," He finally spoke. 

His voice sent chills through my body. He towered over me by at least a foot, and the way he looked at me was like he wanted to devour me. Everything in my mind screamed danger, but I couldn't seem to move. It was like my feet were glued to the floor.

"What's a pretty little thing like you doing out here all alone?" He circled around me. I could feel his breath down my neck. 


"My my, you do smell amazing." 

I turned around and slammed into a strong force which sent me falling backwards. I looked up to see the man standing in front of me. How was that possible? He was just behind me. 

"I love a chase," His lips turned up into a smirk that made my stomach churn. "The more you resist, the more painful it will be."

I kicked my leg up to attack, only for him to grab me around me ankle. I let out an ear piercing scream as pain shot up my leg from his fingers digging into the skin. I squeezed my eyes shut preparing for him to attack, but nothing happened. After a breeze passed me and I heard a big thud on the ground I opened my eyes. All the air left my body as I saw the same exact creature from the photo now a few feet in front of me, holding in his mouth the head of the man. I looked up into its eyes, but they were no longer a frightening red color like in the photo. They were this, strangely relaxing, emerald green color. 

The animal opened its mouth and dropped the head to the ground. It rolled a few feet by me and then stopped. I could see the fear frozen in the eyes of the, now decapitated, dangerous man. Before I blacked out I heard the animal speak. 

"You're welcome."

I'm totally different from everyone at my school and they all love and respect me
I'm just imaging somebody throwing Harry at her for some reason when I read that lmao
Stolenxsky Stolenxsky Dec 25, 2016
I hate my birthday. Ever since 7th grade I've always had the worst of luck on my birthday, thus me dreading the day
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i don't know if this story is copied (i haven't read it) but the description is almost word for word of a really popular werewolf story
A lot of people actually. That's what causes depression in the 21st century
LunaStarrr LunaStarrr Jan 08
Same !!!! OMFG, but you are the one who has courage to write one 😊😘