Howls»Suicide Squad

Howls»Suicide Squad

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Boop By FallOutDrake Updated Aug 10, 2017

"Why'd you come? You know, you should have stayed.

          I tried to warn you just to stay away."

In which a group of terrible people come together to do the total opposite of what they have been doing their entire life.

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killerkamen killerkamen Aug 27, 2017
HI! IM JIMMY!!!! Uh no it's Timmy..... IM JIMMY!!!! Whatever
jasontoad jasontoad May 04, 2017
Darling is such a pretty surname. It reminds me of Peter Pan and Wendy Darling. It's cute.
- - Nov 17, 2016
Jimmy?!? What are you doing here?!?!? Shouldn't you be back at the freak show?!? 😂😂😂😂
Kellic_Hayley_Hayes Kellic_Hayley_Hayes Oct 01, 2016
And now they're outside ready to bust it looks like you might be one of us
-KaterinaSalvatore- -KaterinaSalvatore- Jan 04, 2017
YAAAAAS I love wolsbaine wolfsbaine (idek which one is correct lol) it's awesome :))))
-KaterinaSalvatore- -KaterinaSalvatore- Jan 04, 2017
Wow I watched the show wolfblood on cbbc & after the 3rd season I hated it lol that was years ago as well lol :)))