AMARANTHINE| The Eternal Love (BWWM)

AMARANTHINE| The Eternal Love (BWWM)

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A•Alexis By misslullaby_ Updated Oct 22

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I died yesterday.

Maybe around 11:47 PM? And it was March 23 and I was only 18.
Coming home from some lame party that I honestly never wanted to go to in the first place. And I'm not saying I had much planned, but dying that night was definitely not on the list of things to do.

Anyway, I should probably be a few feet buried underground with a tomb stone above me that would read the date of my birth and death. Along with some cheesy line written across it about my life.

Yeah. I should be dead, but the thing is I'm not exactly dead...

Here's where you would be thinking I'm some sort of supernatural creature.
But I'm not that either. I'm not some sort of vampire, or werewolf, or anything of that kind. I am perfectly still human. I think. 
Apparently, I'm food now. Something they call Eternal Source. But still human... mostly. And I now belong to Jerias.
He isn't human at all. A vampire. Or Nosferatu in the correct term. Either way, he's a beautiful monster.
And I was asked to stay here in his home with him.
So I stayed.
But I didn't really have much of a choice...

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Popular kids in my school aren't really that good looking tbh..
mistykkooper mistykkooper Dec 24, 2016
I just accidentally lost my life, not a big deal. It was totally deaths fault, tell him to stop being so salty all the time.
Winterborne79 Winterborne79 Sep 03, 2016
Great story so far and your writing style is fresh and original. I particularly like the tempo...and vote! :)
Holy crap this was the best first chapter ever. It sucked me in so much. I'm definitely reading this
smashthat smashthat Aug 14, 2016
Why does this sound like me. I had a crush on this boy all in middle school. Then when homecoming came in high school I went just so I could see him and of course he spent the whole night dancing with every tart that came his was.😂😂😂
mistykkooper mistykkooper Dec 24, 2016
At my ol school there wasn't really a popular clique, everyone was in their own weird groups. No group was above the other. And if you are good looking you only attract the attention of the people in your clique, talk about homie hopin My school is weird.