The Mastermind (Hetalia/OHSHC x Fem!Reader)

The Mastermind (Hetalia/OHSHC x Fem!Reader)

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♤ A C E ♤ By AceOfSpades_AF Updated Dec 28, 2017

[First Name] and the countries are told(more like forced) to take a break from their stressful lives of being country personifications to attend the apparently blissful academy of the filthy rich. 

What happens when a host club meet the diverse and peculiar personalities of the countries? Will the secrecy of country personifications be in danger?

|| Who is the real mastermind? ||

I DO NOT own Hetalia, OHSHC, or Reader. 
I DO own the plot and my OCs.
Inspired by Tell Us (Hetalia/OHSHC) crossover on Quotev.

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Wolfythegalaxywolf Wolfythegalaxywolf Nov 21, 2017
Hmmmm..... I like yuri!!! On ice.... But I also like Hetalia... And Rosario + Vampire.... And much more.... But if I had to really choose I would choose Yuri!!! On Ice.
...*smashes window jumps off plane* problem solved, just don’t answer
LlamaLazer LlamaLazer Oct 19, 2017
Hetalia because it's beautiful. It's also the only show that gets a pass for racism.
noticemesenpai22 noticemesenpai22 Sep 12, 2017
OHSHC I've only seen like to or three episodes of hetalia but a couple of my friends love it so I know a bit
LovinoVargasII LovinoVargasII Nov 07, 2017
You could write most of this fanfic in Spanish and i would understand it. I'm Mexican myself.