The Mastermind (Hetalia/OHSHC x Fem!Reader)

The Mastermind (Hetalia/OHSHC x Fem!Reader)

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♤ A C E ♤ By AceOfSpades_AF Updated Sep 12

[First Name] and the countries are told(more like forced) to take a break from their stressful lives of being country personifications to attend the apparently blissful academy of the filthy rich. 

What happens when a host club meet the diverse and peculiar personalities of the countries? Will the secrecy of country personifications be in danger?

|| Who is the real mastermind? ||

I DO NOT own Hetalia, OHSHC, or Reader. 
I DO own the plot and my OCs.
Inspired by Tell Us (Hetalia/OHSHC) crossover on Quotev.

OHSHC I've only seen like to or three episodes of hetalia but a couple of my friends love it so I know a bit
Foxy_chibi Foxy_chibi Jun 11
That's the beauty of having people come to you. It doesn't happen most of the time though.
My country shall be called Yaoi Land and my capital will be Victuuri 😂
RainaLyles RainaLyles Oct 08, 2016
Actually not all countries have presidents. It'll be better if you just use boss.