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Z List

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James Kemp By jmkemp Updated May 24, 2016

I love zombie stories, but a lot of them break my suspension of disbelief. Some of that is the race to an apocalypse, and some of it is cinematic spectacle over rational science.

I've really enjoyed World War Z and Frank Tayell's Surviving the Evacuation series. Between them they evoke the horror and avoid some of the things that make me suspend disbelief. However they do have people turning into zombies in seconds, which is great because it suits the story, but not realistic science. 

 So this is my attempt at another take on the zombie apocalypse, trying to get the science to work. My zombies might kill you in seconds, but equally you might sweat for a couple of days after they bite you. Are you immune, or is the infection just taking time to get a hold on you?

Also, in my story the UK government is competent and responds rapidly. Just as they did for Ebola and bird flu and a host of other emergency situations. They have plans and have made preparations for many contingencies.

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