Hello Kitty (Gene X Aphmau)

Hello Kitty (Gene X Aphmau)

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(If you haven't heard of Aphmau then go watch her on YouTube or else your going to be confused)

Hey I'm Gene, I'm the leader of the Shadow Kights club. Known as SK.

 I go to Phoenix drop high,  I'm the most feared In school along with Zinix and Sasha. Also, Aaron.

 I've been blackmailing Kitty for a while and I was going to use her again BUT someone had to break my phone.

Then i no longer had control over Kitty, she stopped talking to us.
 I felt a ripping sensation inside me? What could be?

(Cover made by me!)

It was good and then you spelt Garroth and Zenix wrong BUT apart from that it was AWESOME!!
It's pronounce-
                              Garroth: I got this. ITS PRONOUNCED GARROTH!!!! GARR OTH!!!!!