Easy ~Septiplier~

Easy ~Septiplier~

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Fuck My Life By SepticSubstancexX Updated Dec 28, 2016

Mark's a lot of things. Mark's homeless, Mark's "straight", Mark's pretty calm, pretty laid back.

And then he meets Jack. Now Mark's a lot of other things. Mark's bisexual. Mark's confident. Mark's sexual, he likes sex. Mark's in love with Jack.

Jack doesn't feel the same.

They're friends with benifits.

Mark wants to change that.

Jack just wants someone to fuck around with.

You see the problem?

Who said love was easy? Who said sex was easy?

It's not.

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- - Jul 12
Hmm, dick... plus asšhole... equals sex! There you go! Boom! Done!
This is so nice! People like you make it worth smiling! BTW have you thought of being famous? I consider you to be!
Helitopia Helitopia Jul 15
Everything is so expensive in America °-° 
                              In Poland you could feed both of them for 2 weeks or more 
                              That is a lot 😅😅
a_fangirl_mess a_fangirl_mess Jul 05, 2016
Hmm. Let's think...he has an Irish accent and is at the bus station at 2am...seems legit. (Not being racist, since Jack is really Irish)
Zuper_Bat_Girl Zuper_Bat_Girl Nov 28, 2016
It's because he carries a four leaved clover around in his necklace
                              It's suppose to bring good luck to people who own one
I feel terrible for people who live in the streets. It's not right, it's awfull.😔