Precious Swan

Precious Swan

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Killian Jones(30) is a famous actor and is Hollywoods it boy. People love him and cant get enough. All the women want him.

 Emma Swan(28) is just an normal woman with a bad life. Only has like two friends and isnt very a people person.

When Killian needs a new assistant Emma is forced to go. Killian sees what she looks like and doesnt want her.

But fate comes and gives Emma the job. Killian then learns the most important lesson of all.Dont Judge a book by its cover. Cause it might be to late once you realize it was beautiful all along.

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This reminds me of Friends where Rachel has to choose Tag or Hilda😂😂😂
kkkyles11 kkkyles11 May 31
it's barely been a chapter and i'm already about to kill him 😂😂
akv1247 akv1247 May 12
Lol when in reality jmo is literally the most beautiful person ever
I love This history, i'm from Brazil, and This history realy help me in my english
She probably looks even better like that, glasses bring attention to the eyes and jeans are comfy so shut up Killian, I'd choose comfort over trying too hard to impress others any day.
ayecaptainswan ayecaptainswan Aug 01, 2016
                              EMMA IS GORGEOUS.
                              Luckly our Killian isn't that shallow, anyway. At all.
                              P.s. I already like the ff lol