In My Heart the Will

In My Heart the Will

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Aza Marotte By NightingaleManor Completed

Sequel to 'In My Hands the Means'. After the Ritual Killings case in Tokyo was solved, our young female detective of many names was institutionalized for nearly two years. In the time that she was away, L became interested in another murder case that has started up. He decides to call on the help of Myles once again to not only move things along more quickly, but also to see her again. It would seem that more went on in her parent's past than even she herself can believe. 

How did all of this really start?

Who or what is Myles really afraid of?

How is it all connected?

All these and other questions reader's of 'In My Hands the Means' may still have are answered here in 'In My Heart the Will'.