Missing||Jeon Jungkook||BTS||

Missing||Jeon Jungkook||BTS||

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Ko0kie_ By Ko0kie_ Updated Jun 19, 2016

Jeon Jungkook goes missing, nobody knows where he is, if he is alive or dead.

Leia, Jungkook's best friend is Hurting like crazy as the police finally gave up and announced that Jungkook was dead.

Jungkook was dead... But not gone.

He was a vampire, but of course his life now is completely different.

When Jungkook returns... How will things turn out ? 

Will he be a completely different person... And how will people react. Nobody can find out about his secret ...

And worst of all.... Jungkook may not be the only one catching Leia's eye. Taehyung seems to be pretty desirable.

Cover by grraphics!! Go follow them❤️

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