Supernatural Smut

Supernatural Smut

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Siddal By SiddalJenkins Updated Nov 19, 2016

This started out as innocent but now it's smut!!! 

[Inbox me if you want a Supernatural imagine. Classify it as smut or fluff (or both!), what situation you want it to be in, and I'll get it to you ASAP.]

[I also do Vampire Diaries, The Lunar Chronicles, Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Once Upon a Time and The Selection series. If you have one that is not in those categories, message me and I'll see if I can do it for you. I will make a separate mixed-fandom book if any of you want these imagines.]

Bluegirraffe13 Bluegirraffe13 Nov 02, 2016
Awww!!! Yea!!! Part two!!!whoop! Totally angry sex!!! Totally! Love your book so far!!!!
firecomets firecomets Jan 28
I just found a dean valentine day card it said this
                              'Remember my name, you'll be screaming it all night'
                              I CANT HANDLE THIS
                              IM GETTING MY HOLY WATER
ShutUpItsLeigh ShutUpItsLeigh Nov 21, 2016
I dont do that i stare at you with my bitchface and hope you think im flirting too
aesteticallycastiel aesteticallycastiel Nov 07, 2016
Ok but am I the only one who thinks that they're gonna die from Dean's hotness??
iGot7BTSWinchesters iGot7BTSWinchesters Nov 03, 2016
Why tho..I guess I'm haunting myself but I am bigger and I have Brown hair. oK.
andyalextheemo andyalextheemo Aug 23, 2016
Tbh im impressed. I didnt start writing this well til i was 11 (not an insult at all btw I've always been super advanced in creative writing and my story's started getting good around the end of elementary school) overall i think the plot in this was kind of adorable (in a spn kinda way cx)