Saddest fear » Alec Lightwood.

Saddest fear » Alec Lightwood.

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"How do you turn off your emotions? How can you live if the only person you ever loved will never feel the same for you?"

"I don't"


"I don't live"


In wich Taylor Bane keeps telling herself that she will never love someone else, until she does.

[Shadowhunters - Season 1]

Nash123410 Nash123410 Apr 15
Um.. who's dumb enough to touch a light? 
Zz_WDW_zZ Zz_WDW_zZ 7 days ago
I ship Malec. 
                              But it's still good to have stories out there where he is with a female.
Graycelyn1234 Graycelyn1234 Nov 23, 2016
He can be what ever sexuality you want him to be. It's your book. You do you boo 😁
Jelsolina Jelsolina Feb 05
Wow... that sounds amazing! I'm really excited to read this story!
I ship malec a lot but I don't care if you do that it's your story and not mines besides I don't have the right to say that your story is stupid
Ellaphantss Ellaphantss Jan 11
I only read one book that is embrasing Alec's sexuality. It was a boyxboy but still.
                              (I love malec so much and it angers me when there is no malec)