Cyberbully //leafyishere

Cyberbully //leafyishere

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Jojo By leafy_cynical Updated Aug 18

Alexis wishes she could be more confident.

All her life she looked up to youtubers like Pewdiepie, Markiplier and Cryaotic.

She finally starts YouTube.

Leafy is YouTube famous.

All his life he dreamt of making it big online, and now he has.

Then he finds a girl named Alex.

"LeafyIsHere is commonly referred to as a cyberbully, either earnestly or sarcastically, and even by LeafyIsHere himself."

5K!! Wow, thank you so much for giving a looser like me a chance to write for someone. You don't know how much it means

lyvtyjo lyvtyjo Sep 18
everyone type in the chat alex is a respectful african american