Flying Clean

Flying Clean

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In 1937, Derrick Hardy went to work on the Desmond farm, hoping only to keep a little bread on the table and a few dollars in his pocket.  What he found instead was a family of monstrous tendencies and a penchant for violence.

Now, Derrick is on the run from a nation-wide manhunt.  He is suspected of kidnapping four of the Desmond children and there is no safe place for him to hide.

From a 2008 novella by Grady Richards, split up by chapter.

  • historical
allenjohnsonjr allenjohnsonjr Jun 21, 2015
Nice work! I wonder how old you are? Sounds like you lived in this time, or is that just good writing? 
                              I also enjoy writing about those good ol' days. 
                              -Allen Johnson Jr.
alreadyreadit alreadyreadit Aug 02, 2014
well written. the narrative style keeps the reading engaging.
MiaraWarren MiaraWarren Jun 14, 2014
love your writing style, its awesome. I don't usually read this type of fiction but this is a truly excellent read which I was able to sail through without getting the slightest bit bored or distracted . keep up the good work!
caseberries caseberries Feb 26, 2014
This book it"a kinda sad book but it's okey story I never heard of this book
GradyRichards GradyRichards Feb 23, 2013
@worldpeace1991 Thank you!  This novella is my pride and joy.  I hope you're still reading, because it only gets better from here ;)
GradyRichards GradyRichards Aug 05, 2011
@ElijahWillis Thank you, sir.  And yes, one of the few things I like about writing in first person point of view is the ability to utilize grammatical flaws as a part of narrative color.  Thanks for reading.