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Freedom's Haven

Freedom's Haven

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karon_sin17 By karon_sin17 Updated Feb 19, 2011

Karon Rosemary Sera, is a nineteen year old with a stubborn disposition and a fierce empathy for everyone she meets. She is the daughter of the leaders of the Rebellion, and as such she has been sent on an impossible mission to Kristwood, home and kingdom of the Elves. The Elven Queen, Rosamenia has denied entrance to any human since the death of her son, Greylon by his spurned human lover, Alexandrea. Now however, Alex is massing together an army of thousands and plans to descend upon the secluded Elven wood. A hundred and fifty years ago, Alex ventioned north into the Forbidden Lands and there she found a vampire. Driven by her overwhelming need for revenge, she stalked him until finally, he turned her. Alex then returned and murdered Grey. However that was simply the beginning. With the help of the far off Ran Empire and some fanatic Nomads, she defeated the seven human Kingdoms and united them beneath her as, the Eastern Empire. Rosamenia has decreed that no elf may take part in this war. The penalty for disobeying her law; death.
Karon knews the Elven law well and knows too that if she cannot confince them to change their ways and join with the Rebellion, then all humanity will be made slave to Alex's cruel, revengeful wrath. 
She must journey deep within the boundaries of Kristwood and confront the proud, grieven Prince, Lord Lyndon Guardian Blade. He is the Elven Ambassador and the key to Karon's success.
But to grow close to him and then to betray him, may be more than Karon can bear. Yet, the Fate of her people rides on her ability to sway this jaded and bitter Elf. To do it, she will have to face enormous tragedy, crushing heartbreak and impotent rage. She will have to find his shriveled and blackened heart and within it, what remains of his humanity. 
She must shift through the corrupting dust of time and find buried deep beneath it, the still pool of love.

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