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181sarrit By 181sarrit Updated May 20, 2017

She danced. It was her only escape from her past. Every time she rolled up onto the box of her pointe shoes, it seemed as if her troubles rolled off of her like raindrops rolling down a window. When she danced, she was free.

What will happen when the two former Soviet assassins meet again? Will sparks fly? Or will they even remember each other.

Disclaimer - I've never read the comics, so I just kind of make my own story up along the way.

Update - I'm currently reading every Black Widow/Winter Soldier comic book I can get my hands on

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imbuckynatisreal imbuckynatisreal May 28, 2016
Love how this references Natasha saying to Steve in CWTWS... you might not want to pull on that thread. :)
lareinamiffy lareinamiffy Oct 30, 2016
yo sheep wool is my fav i personally don't like the gel pads lol
Ludholtzjj Ludholtzjj May 15, 2016
STOP NOT THINKING ABOUT THE MAN U LOVE... sorry I get to passionate about this ship XD
- - Jul 30, 2016
this is really amazing you should cheek out my stories "Bucky's Daughter" sometime.
Ludholtzjj Ludholtzjj May 15, 2016
Lol anyway now since all my fangirlings over I gotta say I love this story :D