His weakness and her strength (COMPLETED)

His weakness and her strength (COMPLETED)

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Katie By toocuteforyou420 Completed

{WARNING! Lots of swearing and mistakes I will fix them when I'm done.} 

meet Alexia Moons, she a sweet, caring, loving person, never got in any trouble and is a straight A student. 

Meet Blade Knight, mean, cole hearted, dangerous and never keeps anyone long enough for them to know him. 

What happens when Blade takes in interest in Alexis but pushed her away so she does know his horrifying past.

Alexi is determined to get to know Blade, even if that mean putting herself in danger. 


You know the saying ~ take every chance. Drop every fear.  

-hope you guys like it. :)

princess_olivia_here princess_olivia_here Jun 09, 2016
This book is funny! 😂 
                              And I'm loving the pick up lines 😂
Am I the only one who thinks that looks a little like Damon (TVD)
imfuckinggucci imfuckinggucci Dec 08, 2016
Manu Rios 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 thats my bae 💖💖
rmelton316 rmelton316 Nov 30, 2016
Honestly, who would think this was boring?? In my experience, beginning the new girl at a school where no one knows you, it's never boring.😂😂
How the hell is this boring? I've read three of your books (so far) and there was no chapter that I came across that was ever boring. YOU'RE BOOKS ARE ONE OF THE FEW BOOKS I ACTUALLY LIKE :)