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The Greek Bat (A Percy Jackson and Batman/Young Justice Crossover)

The Greek Bat (A Percy Jackson and Batman/Young Justice Crossover)

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SamanthaPerry0 By SamanthaPerry0 Updated Nov 25, 2016

Percy Jackson was Nine years old when his life changed. His mother died and he expected to be thrown into the system, only he was thrusted toward an uncle he never knew. That said uncle and his practically brother always disappeared when night came. Ten years old Percy found out where they went, what they did. He didn't want to be a superhero like his cousin, instead he was the mechanic behind the operations. But even then, Bruce wasn't always there for him when he sometimes wanted him to be, sure when he might've been sick or needed some boring school help he was but when it came down to it, Percy sometimes wished Bruce was never Batman. It was also weird relationship especially when Percy befriended Crazy, Not-So-Crazy person names Joker. It wasn't until he was eleven and a half is when he met someone who understood him more than the Wayne family, Luke Castellan a run away with no one but a schizophrenic mother, and he helped Percy. Started to treat him not like some rich dude's nephew, not some hot-shots younger brother/cousin, just...Percy Jackson the kid who lost his mother and never truly grieved.
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No Greek Mythology
Debating on Powers or No Powers

How do you get dick from Richard?
                              I haven't watched young justice
coldflamewolf21 coldflamewolf21 Oct 12, 2016
First thing that came to mind was supernatural. (Please tell me somebody watches it)
LyraHarper LyraHarper Aug 14, 2016
But it was New York, and the sky never shined as brightly as I knew it could
Gold121221 Gold121221 Dec 02, 2016
So Poseidon is the water, right? Wait wait wait I know this doesn't have any mythology but what if everytime is rains it's just Poseidon checking up on his children?
childofhades1 childofhades1 Aug 01, 2016
When people say fine they are not fine and don't want to admit it I should know I say I'm fine alot
_SkyQueen_ _SkyQueen_ Feb 04
There were zero comments on here, the most important sentence, but 259 comments below this one. Please explain