Against The Fate || Clalec || ( A Clary and Alec Fanfiction)

Against The Fate || Clalec || ( A Clary and Alec Fanfiction)

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Liana By fabxshades Updated Apr 13, 2017

I ran my hands through his dark hair and felt the sensation of him. Feeling his soft hair brushed against my finger flawlessly.

He moved down to my neck, kissing it rough with hunger. "Alec-" I'm out of breathe. But suddenly the realisation washed all over my body again, making a warning alarm inside my brain and telling me that this should end now . "Alec stop-" he didn't, if it's not because of the reality, I wouldn't too. "Alec you can't do this to me. I have a boyfriend."


"Caught up in a wrong time, in a wrong place." 
That was what happened to Clary and Alec.

When Jace and Isabelle were having to stay at London Institute, what would happen to the poor two shadowhunters that could barely hold a conversation together? 

Would they discovered things that will make them despised each other even more?

Or would they found something that will make them realized, and after all, go against their own faith?

[I do not own any characters in this book. This book is only a fanfiction from The Mortal Instruments, and the amazing author of the TMI book is Cassandra Clare]

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ElinevdBogaard ElinevdBogaard Oct 30, 2017
Jace and Izzy are just a few hours gone and now they're already kissing!
                              If they go on like this, they will be f-cking this evening!!  #approvedbyme
Destiny_Morgenstern Destiny_Morgenstern Nov 09, 2017
Yep @ElinevdBogaard it was at this moment that Clary knew...she fücked up😂👏
Destiny_Morgenstern Destiny_Morgenstern Nov 09, 2017
I ship Clace and all... But he can go fück himself! Matt is cuter!
just_another-person just_another-person Jan 13, 2017
Oh so apparently I can't laugh at a book now, oh I get it     (Jk I'm kidding)
LillyLexi LillyLexi Nov 30, 2016
You're such an idiot Alec. It won't be the same as when you kissed Clary
shipsnshit shipsnshit Jan 24, 2017
I'm watching the latest episode of shadowhunters and I had the Clalec feellsss