Die For You (Mithross)

Die For You (Mithross)

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Soph By FoxLover121 Updated Nov 20

I look down at my reflection in the lake.

That's not me.

What I see, is something more demonic. I see myself, with claws for fingernails and daggers for teeth. My left eye completely black with a small white, dilated pupil. Inky, black liquid trickling from my eye and mouth, like tear tracks. Black, raven-like wings extended from my back. I blink. My reflection returned back to normal. 

I guess it's just another reminder that he has claimed me. He took my soul. He owns me now. All because I struck a deal with the demon to bring the most important person in my life back...

I swear,  this is like, the 100th time I have re-read this book.  YOU ARE FREAKING AMAZING!!!  I LOVE IT!!!!