Devil And His Angel(COMPLETED)

Devil And His Angel(COMPLETED)

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#25 in Romance.

"I don't care if I fall in love with a Devil,as long as that Devil will love me the way he loves hell."


"Where are you going?"he asked again.

"Going on a if you have finished your twenty questions can I go?"I asked angrily.

Devil held my hand tightly and closed the door angrily.

"You can't go with him."he ordered.

"Why?"I asked looking straight in his eyes.

"Because I dont like it."he said angrily.

"I will come home before 10 p.m."I said.

He grip on my hand was hard  and his nails were digging in my skin.

"I can't see you with him or any other guy because you are MINE."
Meet Vikram Malhotra, a
heartless and arrogant Devil who wants revenge and Ruhani Jaywardhan who is his Angel from the first time he saw her.
Ruhani came in his life as an Angel and unknowingly saved him from all the pain in the past.
For Ruhani, Devil was her world.
Fate played a game with them and they drifted apart.
But now fate had given them a second chance.


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AD2455 AD2455 Jan 17, 2017
this is reallyy interesting! will surely read ahead.! 😀😀
Hamna-Sohail Hamna-Sohail Sep 10, 2016
Hahhah ! It's really interesting book. I feel the urge to read this whole today :P
MeLliFluOuS-FoReVeR MeLliFluOuS-FoReVeR Aug 05, 2016
Ohh wow!! 😃 Can't wait to know his plan.."clapping hands in excitement"😄
Genie1022 Genie1022 Oct 13, 2016
Hmmmm, I wonder how much older he is than his Angel?? Both if them sound pretty head strong and dominant!! This is going to be very interesting..... 😉 @desirediaries @Olivia453 @Lulubluebelle
chocolatish chocolatish Sep 13, 2016
Very interesting. It keeps the reader hooked and I so want to know what happens next.
Easterneva Easterneva Sep 12, 2016
Good start and good way to leave your readers in cliffhanger.