THE BOY    Brahms X reader (nanny)

THE BOY Brahms X reader (nanny)

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Lucifer_brahms_ By ellie_lucifer Updated Sep 29

It was a cold morning and you where driving to your new job as a nanny to look after a 8 year old boy... When you got there a shiver was sent down your spine "carm down y/n it's just an old creepy looking house" you whispered to your self.
You got out your car and headed to the front door, it was open so you walked in and shouted "hello??" There was a bang coming from the other room, and a woman and a man walked out (old) "oh hello y/n we weren't expecting you so early" the old women said, 
"Well I didn't want to be late" you smiled 
She smiled back "come come and I'll take you to our son Brahms" 
You did what you where told 
"This is our son, Brahms" she said while exposing a life like doll 
"Oh....really?" You giggled 
She frowned and you could tell she was serious "here are some rules, which you must follow or Brahms will get up set!" 
The main rules read:
Don't cover his face
Never leave him alone
Play his music load
Kiss goodnight
"Ok ma'am I will treat him like my own" you say

Wow! I really liked reading this story. Please update soon.😊
ThydaSorn ThydaSorn Nov 23
I watched on my birthday~ which was in the beginning of the year. Honestly, I love porcelain dolls. If they left, I'd steal the doll and walk away.
If a doll ate food and left a note saying "thank you" I wouldn't cry like a little baby I wud say "ur welcome!" Basic manners, people.
Watched the movie a few weeks ago. My best friend and I spent the whole time giving each other wtf looks and screaming "burn it and run!!"