Sakamaki Sister

Sakamaki Sister

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Jayy-Bae By Jayy-Bae Updated Jun 22, 2017

(My first story)

This story is if Cordelia had quadruplets instead of triplets, and she also had a girl.

Jay,  Cordelia's 4th child, who's real name is Jinxx  for being a girl. The 2 mother's (Cordelia and Beatrix) abused her and her father never payed attention to her, but her brothers did. She's a lot like Kanato, they're mistaken for twins, but she can be a little more psycho. She has a stuffed animal named Choko and hates the sacrificial brides, so let's see what happens when Yui arrives.

Character info-  very childish but can be very possessive and sadistic. She seems like a five year old and always has a pocky or a cookie in her  mouth and won't go in where without her stuffie. She has hair, eyes, and dark circles under her eyes like Kanato, and is very short (4'7). She won't let antone talk or touch her except her brothers. And has constant nightmares so she hates being alone. She also has paranoia.
(more things about her in the book, also Yui is not treated very well in this book, so sorry if you're a Yui fan)

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Klynn1725 Klynn1725 May 10, 2017
It's actually kinda cute in a weird way. Maybe button eyes instead?
Me need it,Me want it,Me NEEDS IT!I NEED IT!(*Cough*Zane*Cough)
TallulahHoney TallulahHoney Nov 12, 2016
Ok this is about the introduction thing u read before actually reading the story: WHO ACTUALLY IS A YUI FAN?!? No seriously who doesn't hatw Yui?!
TallulahHoney TallulahHoney Nov 12, 2016
Ah I love the fanfics where Yui is treated horribly, what can I say? She is my least favourite character out of the entire anime ever