It All Started With A Deal

It All Started With A Deal

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Shadowhunter By Kindrajoy Completed

{Under editing}

Ashley Fender was your boring highschool girl. She was left broken by her ex after a party. She thinks senior year is going to be the same as any other high school year, but boy was she wrong.

Alex Green is your bad boy who doesn't give a damn about a girl's feelings, well every girl except for Ashley.


"I love you Ashley Green." He whispered and I smiled.

"Alex that is your surname not mine." I said shyly as there were people around.

"Not yet." He said with a smirk.



This book is super cliché and sucks. I'm going to start rewriting.

Woah I didn't know your book was about this me interested very interested
Okay well that made me a little mad. He shouldn't use her to make another girl jealous. Its just not manly. Hopefully this will change.
aimee11223 aimee11223 Jul 05
Are you trying to rewrite the book?..... (like from the beginning)