Changes (Kuroko no Basuke) male oc |||YAOI|||         |||Slow Updates|||

Changes (Kuroko no Basuke) male oc |||YAOI||| |||Slow Updates|||

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ジュリー( juri) By jurilim17 Updated Mar 12

What do you mean by the word "changed"?! He scoffed ,"don't make me laugh Daisuke!, don't talk to me that I'm  the only one who changed!. He said those words with such anger , and walk's away leaving  the blue head before he can do anything that he will regret.

The blue head  who just stood their shock as he watch the retreating figure. Because this the first time that he show those emotions from those eyes , those eyes mirroring his. betrayal, hurt ,anger, sadness. His head bowed As he fisted his shirt where his heart located like it was ripped off from his chest painfully.

So I decided to make it a Yaoi....And for those who doesn't like it don't read it!.period.
and my Oc x???..just read it if you wanted to know, and I will not rush this love thing I will take it slowly but surely worth it...

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No matter how many time I read it it still cracks me up "The Pocky Fight"XD
Mou...I wanted Dai-Chan to be shorter than Taiga... Oh well, it’s still awesome!👍