Curvy Women Are Sweet

Curvy Women Are Sweet

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lavalady By lavalady Updated Mar 06

Her name is Ana. She's 5'3 with an hourglass figure and not ashamed of it. 

Now, the thing about this short beauty is that she's not only a bona-fied DIVA but she's also a Werewolf with a short temper. She is a lone wolf belonging to no pack and that's the way she likes it. No brute of an Alpha is gonna boss Ana around. No siree!

And then there was.....Damian. Sexy, sexy, sexy, SEXY ass Damian. But being that sexy doesn't cover for the fact that he's a temperamental Alpha Werewolf and a complete pervert. Not to mention an outright thuggish dictator.  

When these two mates discover each other, oh there WILL be hell !

  • comedy
  • interacial
  • romance
  • werewolf
CupcakeEater217 CupcakeEater217 Jul 24, 2016
Damn, I'm skinny af but doesn't mean I'm not a real woman. I don't workout or anything, I stuff my face with food but that doesn't put any extra meat on my bones, that's not my fault. I'm not fake either but... on with the book🤗🤗
butterfly-beauty butterfly-beauty Mar 29, 2016
Yass hun CONTINUE I have been trying to find a really good werewolf book with a curvy mate thats no emotional bitch and FINALLY I found  good one pleeeasseee continue
AnesaMaya AnesaMaya Dec 09, 2013
Of course you should continue! This chapter was very interesting. This book has so much potential. I'll definitely be waiting for the next chapter.
CeirraDawn CeirraDawn Oct 20, 2013
I like the beginning of the story. you should keep it going because ill be following your post.
greeneyes577 greeneyes577 Oct 14, 2013
girl update i believe this is going to be a kickass story and  readers are waiting including me