Sorry, Wrong Person

Sorry, Wrong Person

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Peanut By ParkBacon Completed

Not many actually know, but Byun Baekhyun has a twin four minutes older than him; his name is Byun Baekgyu.

So one day, when someone comes up to Baekhyun and confesses to him his undying love, Baekhyun immediately tells him that he has the wrong person. Instead of what he guesses is Baekgyu's ex-lover backing away, the guy begins insisting that Baekhyun is--in fact--Baekgyu and that he shouldn't be lying. 

After a phone call with his older brother, Baekhyun is given the task of pretending to be his twin for one whole year; until Baekgyu comes back from Tokyo. He is told to kiss, hug, and pretend to love someone he's barely just met.

And to top it off?

Baekgyu's ex-boyfriend is also his roommate. 


Started- July 14, 2016
Ended- December 24, 2016
Credit for cover: @seahuns ~<3
Please PM me if you want to translate it :)

IF THIS STORY RELATES TO ANY OTHER, IT IS PURELY COINCIDENTAL (the plot line is cliché I know but everything contained in the chapters is from my imagination).

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Cocopotatos Cocopotatos Apr 15
that is so not fair like wtf is wrong with parent like u guys??
MintyTAEcup MintyTAEcup a day ago
tru doe but i hav 4 husbands named JUANCOCK TAESTY BISHHYUN AND CHANYEEZY
Cocopotatos Cocopotatos Apr 15
likee, i can tell which one is who cuz i got identical twin friend too but sometime i just confuse their name 😂😂
Cocopotatos Cocopotatos Apr 15
lmao all this time i thot i have started chapt 2 already but its only epilogue!!! 😂😂😂😂
MintyTAEcup MintyTAEcup a day ago
AW MY BBYY but im the oldest in our family and i dont get spoiled, my younger siblings do
MintyTAEcup MintyTAEcup a day ago
how come this is just so me except its not snsd but instead bts n exo