My Boyfriend's An Ass

My Boyfriend's An Ass

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mUsiCal TrAsH By swageyama315 Updated Mar 06

Hinata and Kageyama have been dating for almost four years. They are now out of highschool and live together.

They've been have problems, lately. Problems with their relationship.

Will they stay together or split?

waricand248 waricand248 Jul 12
So he's worries more about sleeping on the couch than hinatas feeling
Rosesie1 Rosesie1 Aug 06
Some times I hate every stupit think you say somting I wanna slap you in your he'll face
LyaDesu LyaDesu Mar 28
The realization dawned on him. He knew hes hurt the one he loves. Am i beong cheesy here?
I read "and he is hot. He has a very hot ass that I have feelings towards."
Let's play a game
                              Every time Hinata says the word ass drink a shot.
                              hOoooooo bOy
The whole chapter with less detail 
                              (I know stating the obvious) but I wanted to