Rejected , Now A Hybrid and Queen ( on hold )

Rejected , Now A Hybrid and Queen ( on hold )

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xffbax By xffbax Updated Jun 13, 2017

My name is Jannada Thea . I was 10 when my mother died due to a car accident and I live with my Step - Father and my 2 Step Brother( dont play an important part for the first half ) . I was suppose to shift at the age of 15 but too bad i did'nt . Due to that everybody decided that i'm not going to shift ever. They decided to call me names and shit and i was so called " ugly ". Rejected by my mate. 

I decided to run away from my problems and glad i did :) 

Want to know why? Read My story ;) or at least try to read? HAHAHAHA really put in alot of effort 

Started : 15 / 5 / 16 

Last update : 19 / 11 / 16

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DallasNight DallasNight May 28, 2017
Like how ugly does one have to be to get rejected? You must have pretty high standards and if you do you must think highly of yourself which isn't a good look 😕
ArbdaTwin ArbdaTwin Nov 08, 2016
XD, muahaha! I shall tower over you by an inch or two now! 5"5' here
ACTaylors ACTaylors Oct 10, 2016
                              WHAT THE FUDGE BOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡😡😡