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Ok ik requests are closed atm butt when they are can you make a "how he&she flirts with you?" 
                              (AlsoaHanzoxReaderLemon(readers name bein Zoe *cough cough*)
I swear, I love genji but I hate him with every inch of my body in game
jvnkr4t jvnkr4t Jun 12
Can you do an imagine with the reader dealing with Soldier 76's PTSD? Something really angsty where the reader has to calm him down from an anxiety attack, and it breaks her heart to see him so broken when he's normally composed. ( If that's too complex I understand!! :'> )
I'd be like "GDI GABE LET ME LOVE YOU!! LET YOURSELF BE LOVED!! You jerk!" XD I love this btw
                              2.) I ain't going to leave you child ;-3
Galactoria Galactoria Jun 20
Hugging the ape scientist, That's gonna be my new cuddle buddy.  😆