Alone and Scared (Darkiplier X Antisepticeye) [DISCONTINUED]

Alone and Scared (Darkiplier X Antisepticeye) [DISCONTINUED]

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Daddy Material™ By Bisexual_Blue Updated Jun 03

(This story's been discontinued, sorry)

Dark's been trapped in the vast world of Mark's personalities for a while now. What happens when he finally gains form? And when he finds Anti, who knows what will happen. What could possibly go wrong?

(Cover art by CartoonJunkie)

Dark instead of Mark Dim instead of Tim...Hmmm sensing a pattern of D's here😂😂😂
SweetNightmare01 SweetNightmare01 Jun 05, 2016
Anti and Dark are my second favorites of all the versions of Jack and Mark, the original Jack and Mark being my favorites.
SkittlezTheFox SkittlezTheFox May 15, 2016
                              Jack: ugh.. fanfiction time..?
                              Mark: BITCH YOU GUESS IT!! WHOA!! youz right...
Yo yo yo wait, what if we all have a dark side, and when they scream to get out, we get a headace🤔😖😲
SweetNightmare01 SweetNightmare01 Jun 05, 2016
Is it bad that Darkiplier is quite possibly my favorite of all the ipliers?
Slenderboy152 Slenderboy152 May 15, 2016
Omfg I'm I love it but I'm sooooo scared, what are they good do to Mark and Jack!!?!?