Faithful Kiss Of The Crying

Faithful Kiss Of The Crying

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Taylor Hallon By hallonn23 Updated Dec 19, 2017

My eyes slowly fluttered open and I stared at my blank unimpressive ceiling above me. It was another day... I sat up slowly in my bed and glanced down at my growing stomach, placing my hands on it protectively. I smiled for a moment before I felt the tears welling in my eyes. It had been 6 months since Cam brought the news to me. It didn't get any easier. Everyday was hard to be without him. I took a slow deep breath to try and calm my over emotional self. I finally got myself up and headed into the bright living room.

"There she is. Hey sleeping beauty. I was wondering if I was going to get to see you before I left for work," she said, placing a plate down in front of me.

I smiled up at her and gave her a small laugh.

"Yeah... well school can't wait forever." I said shrugging my shoulders.

My uncle made his way over to me by that point and gave me a soft kiss on the forehead.

"We love you  honey. Have a good first day back and call us if you need anything," he said, taking my aunt's hand.

My aunt waved bye as they turned and headed across the living room towards the front door. "Bye Adrienne. We love you," she shouted as they shut the door behind them.

I let out a deep sigh. It was hard to be sad and emotional, but have to pretend to be happy. I played with the food on my plate for a brief moment, really dreading going back to school and facing everyone. Suddenly, there was knock on the door. I stood up as quickly as I could and ran across the living room, ripping the door open. My eyes landed on the only face I was ever looking forward to seeing these days.

"Hey baby girl. Good morning," the warm familiar tone in his voice sending relaxing vibes through my whole body. 

I flung myself at him, wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him close. Cam.

"You have no idea how happy I am to see you," I whisper, inhaling his familiar scent.

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hallonn23 hallonn23 Dec 21, 2011
@JLSPrincess You are totally welcome. Thanks for the amazing & beautiful cover <33
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@ashbash @ooneloovee @shahberi4 - Thanks guys! It means a lot that you are continuing to read. I love the support i get from all of you :)
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i love/ hate this i love da fact u did a sequel but cant belive spence actually died keep up da gd work :D
hallonn23 hallonn23 Dec 08, 2010
B@Last-chance  thanks so much(: I'm glad you love it! This book be a bit different fr the other, becUse it's told from Adrienne's view but it's gonna be good! 
Last-chance Last-chance Dec 08, 2010
hallonn23 hallonn23 Dec 08, 2010
@Faithy117  thanks(: haha you really are my biggest follower I think... All my fans comments are what keeps me writing. By the way i'm going to try and upload the frat chapter tonight! :D