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A Scenic Connection (BoyxBoy)

A Scenic Connection (BoyxBoy)

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MrBriggs By MrBriggs Completed

College student Griffin is gay and only a couple people know including his best friend Hadley. The problem? Most everyone thinks they are a couple, and Hadley knows that things are slowly getting to Griffin on the inside. As his best friend, she feels like he could use some more excitement, but when a camping trip with fellow friends goes in unexpected directions, will her efforts to help end up hurting him more?

PrinceDel PrinceDel Jun 10, 2016
I don't know why but I can see Hadley going up to a random guy on the camping trip and being like: "You straight?" 
                              and him being like: "No..."
                              and her just picking up the guy and throwing him into Griffin's arms and being like: "I got you, boob" with a wink
bookwormasalways2015 bookwormasalways2015 Jul 28, 2016
I really like them !!! 
                              And thank you for differentiating between "your" and "you're"! Unbelievably it seems to be something that it's never done ...
KaySetonks KaySetonks May 16, 2016
Great start, these two sound like great friends, and she is on his side watching the lads that would suit either of them, hehe!
boyloveangel boyloveangel Aug 17, 2016
Not to be a grammar freak but this is a double negative. So either you mean he can deny he would be excited, OR change to he can't deny he would be excited. Love it so far though!
xoaygirl xoaygirl May 30, 2016
Aha I mean to some that may seem large, but that's relatively small compared to other colleges.
PrinceDel PrinceDel Jun 10, 2016
Best friend code for: You're annoying me...but I love you 😌