(ON HOLD) If Only He Saved Her(A Miraculous Fanfiction)

(ON HOLD) If Only He Saved Her(A Miraculous Fanfiction)

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"Adrien, you are my best friend."

 "And you are mine,Marinette. I will be there for you, I will never forget you, best friend." Though Adrien and Marinette live different lifestyles they have been best friends for as long as they remember. 

But then the most feared band of pirates and Captain Papillon come to attack the kingdom and take half of the children, including Marinette. What will Adrien do without his best friend by his side?

Years later the band of pirates come back to destroyed the kingdom, but this time Adrien is prepared, as the captain of the French army. He was determined to protect the kingdom, no matter the cost. But the Papillon has a new crewmember, "Remember me, Adrien?"
Will Adrien be able to save Marinette or is it too late?

I created the cover but the credit of the fanart goes to the creators, the two on the top were edited by me but I still give credit to the creator. Thank you for letting me use them(though I never asked)
Miraculous and the Miraculous charaters do not belong to me.

L_Ryuzaki24 L_Ryuzaki24 May 26
that was so goooooooodddd with the feels u might be better than me!!!! XD
I never thought for a second that I was going to waste my time on this.
Sorry guys, I made a mistake here...I meant to say "purr-taters" heh get it?