Love Me Anyway (A student-teacher relationship)

Love Me Anyway (A student-teacher relationship)

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Confidential By Mirandemonium Completed

"Love me when I least deserve it, because that's when I really need it."

Cynthia Micheals has just about everything wrong with her as is possible.
She cuts herself.
She starves herself.
She belittles herself.
And no one has ever cared enough to stop her.
But the new school year drags along a new, shockingly young Art teacher who takes notice right away. And maybe cares a little more than he should.

WARNING: This is old, not very good, and the ending is very rushed, because the story was going flat. For the most part, it's bad, beginning to end. so, yeah, I'm basically COMPLETELY ASHAMED THAT THIS EVEN EXISTS.
And despite that shame, I am currently rewriting it, check it out

  • art
  • beautiful
  • bruises
  • crush
  • cut
  • drawing
  • father
  • guitar
  • hospital
  • kiss
  • music
  • phone
  • pictures
  • scars
  • singing
  • skipping
  • teacher
BangHeadHere BangHeadHere Apr 06, 2016
Neither is shoving food in your mouth, but you didn't protest against that...
i_have_ur_chocolate i_have_ur_chocolate Jan 27, 2017
Oh! I have that photo! I love her! Taylor Momsen. She's a singer, former actress and a model
                              She's really pretty I think you could of chosen a better picture though
_The_Dark_Side _The_Dark_Side May 27, 2016
I would like the nickname 'Thia' better, buttttt whatever floats her boat, floats her boat ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
i_have_ur_chocolate i_have_ur_chocolate Jan 27, 2017
Same girl same I've told myself so many times to write at least the first 5-10 chapters before posting but then I love my first chapter so much and I post it up
                              And what do you know, when I try to write the next chapter writers block 😂
                              I have no self-control either
TrucePhan TrucePhan Jun 20, 2016
Your writing is amazing!!! Don't put yourself down you really are great!!
thenextbigthing1 thenextbigthing1 Jul 29, 2015
I read this story about a year ago and to be honest, it's one of the main reasons I still use Wattpad. I know it says in the description that it's not the best story, but it's really great and one of my favorites, so thank you for keeping it on here even if you think it's not the best