Black Forest-Editing/Rewriting

Black Forest-Editing/Rewriting

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Hannah By LizzieBliss Completed

Rain's just a girl trying to make it through her boring sucky life, with a mother that doesn't care about her, to an abusive step-dad. She feels compeletely lost. 

Until one high school project change's everything. 

Rain's life gets turned up-side-down even more than it has ever been once she is kidnapped by Marcos and Darren, two very different and very attractive young men that say her father -the one she's never met- has sent them to get her before William can. 

Secrets of her past unravel, along with relationships, love, war, heart-break and loss. 

Can she make it? Or will her world crumble around her?

  • action
  • adventure
  • beginning
  • bitter
  • black
  • blair
  • blank
  • boy
  • boys
  • darren
  • death
  • dream
  • drown
  • end
  • ending
  • escape
  • fantasy
  • fight
  • forest
  • girl
  • guys
  • hate
  • horror
  • hostage
  • hot
  • hot-boys
  • humor
  • hunt
  • hurt
  • jamie
  • kidnapped
  • kingdom
  • loss
  • lost
  • love
  • marcos
  • marriage
  • missing
  • murder
  • mystery
  • only
  • pain
  • princess
  • queen
  • rain
  • rescue
  • romance
  • save
  • series
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  • story-by-lizziebliss
  • suspense
  • thriller
  • true
  • true-love
  • war
  • william
  • wonder
  • worry
sumedhasardana sumedhasardana Apr 14, 2017
Hey the story sounds really interesting and i plan on reading the whole thing but I am a bit confused started it in first person and all of a sudden we have a third person narrative now!
xtrinhx xtrinhx Jul 04, 2010
Love it
                              The story have a lot of element to it, drawn the reader to it by some force.
_ditzii _ditzii Apr 28, 2010
                              i like the part when Marcos thinks about how Rain had inherited Eric's stubbornness. ;) I'm stubborn too!
BeachDreamer BeachDreamer Apr 11, 2010
Awesome beginning! I agree with with RebelAngel it really draws you in, well off to the next chapter then =)
Davick Davick Apr 01, 2010
Really nice, great job! Could you please read mine? It's called Conjured and I have 3 chapters posted so far. I could really use some feedback. Any feedback! Please and thank you! 
lyssaspells lyssaspells Mar 15, 2010
i need to remember to come back to this. orry i can't finish reading but i voted. i'll fan to. check out my story while i go nap. Yawn....