You Changed Me

You Changed Me

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Jaymay By joiningthedots Completed

Meet Sarah- an often misunderstood girl.

She is popular, stylish and pretty.

But she's also mean, and when her friends leave her to fend on her own she has to come to terms with the fact that she doesn't actually like who she is.

Sarah is complicated.

She wants to let people in, but she doesn't want to get hurt.

Sarah is an ordinary girl that just needs some help to get back to who she truly is.

Martin is a guy that realizes that there is more to Sarah than what meets the eye.

He thinks that he knows just what he can do to make Sarah a better person.

He thinks he knows how to change her.

But what Martin doesn't realize is that she might change him too.

  • chemistry
  • committee
  • conner
  • dance
  • different
  • doorbell
  • friendship
  • genuine
  • library
  • mean
  • public
  • smart
ForeverRuthie ForeverRuthie Aug 03, 2013
@joiningthedots i'm getting my Friday night on
                              It's getting hot in here so open the windows
                              I am getting so hot i wanna open the windows
ForeverRuthie ForeverRuthie Aug 03, 2013
@joiningthedots you're mean.
                              AND I KNOW THAT YOU COULD.
                              CALL ON MY PHONE
                              BUT BABY THERE AIN'T
                              NOBODY HOME
                              WHY DON'T YOU LEAVE YOUR NAME AND YOUR NUMBER-ER
                              AND WE'LL GET BACK TO YOU. HEY!!
ForeverRuthie ForeverRuthie Aug 02, 2013
@anchoring it's over now
                              Yeah it's over now
                              And when you call imma send you to my voicemail.
                              (check my flow #MissyElliot) #ILoveYou #Bye. Off to Central *unspecified country* to the Bird Sanctuary
                              To look at birds
ForeverRuthie ForeverRuthie Aug 02, 2013
@joiningthedots Connor from the book (Connor Kennedy if you are reading this i apoogize *btw: you're a sauce)
joiningthedots joiningthedots Aug 02, 2013
@ForeverRuthie u ship her with conner kennedy? or the conner in the book? cause the conner in tha book is ok, but conner kennedy is just random
ForeverRuthie ForeverRuthie Aug 02, 2013
is it bad i kinda ship her with Connor (Kennedy)? Not the president's son.
                              Yes it is?