Bts Smut

Bts Smut

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Trash By Xxfallen_Angel634xx Updated Aug 28

You don't know how this happen but your naked feeling extreme pleasure from your childhood best friend jungkook.

~earlier that day~

You woke up to smell of eggs and bacon, you leave my room to see jungkook cooking me breakfast. "Jungkook!" You exclaim. He turns around and look at you "Finally your awake!" He goes over to you and give you a big hug. "I missed you kookie." You say while hugging him, it has been 1 almost 2 years since you seen jungkook. "I missed you too (y/n)" he say hugging you, you both stood there hugging for a second longer then finally let go. "How did you get in?" You ask him while you when to go sit at you dinning table. He goes and continues cooking "you don't remember giving me a spear key?" "I gave you a spear key....oh yeah I did!" You remember. He laughs and gives you a plate of food and then he sits next to you and starts eatting and you do the same. After you two where finish you grab both of your plates and washed them. "So, jungkook, what do you want to...

c: Y did i read that....... I lost my innocent..... WELL NEXT